Thulsa Doom Films is an award winning production company founded in 2019, by filmmakers for filmmakers and content creators, delivering a range of services backed with an agile creative approach.

So, do you have a commercial that needs an impactful film? A film that needs a production team? A music promo that needs a video? A budget line produced? A design conceived? A colour grade? Script feedback and development? Sound design? Content photographed? Something edited? A showreel? Possibly a director or a producer?… You get the picture right?

We are a team of passionate experts who are chomping at the bit to help you relise your vision.


Shiny awards are nice, however what we truly value are collaborations with kindred spirits. We make the films & content that we want to watch with clients, talent and ideas which we believe in.

Afterall, everyone is a storyteller and we are here to calmly guide you through the hurly burly of your needs, whatever stage of your journey you are on, whatever story you are trying to tell. We want to understand who you are, what makes you tick, what concept needs to be realised. Just tell us the destination and we’ll help get you there.

Please Make Good Films